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Wagon Rides at Merck Forest

Merck Forest Wagon Rides

Come tour the farm and forest on a wagonette. The horse-drawn wagonette travels a path around the farm and through the forest for approximately 45 minutes.

If you want to make a morning or afternoon out of your wagon ride, plan on bringing a picnic lunch with you. Before or after your ride, walk or hike to one of several picnic destinations. Wagon rides are a great way to enjoy Merck Forest's fall foliage.

Please coordinate your own group of two to up to six passengers.


Wagon rides will run from May 15 through mid–October by appointment only. Please call 802-394-7836 to make a reservation. The cost is $150 per ride.

Our staff needs at least 24 hours advance notice to prepare the horses & wagon, and to check trail conditions.

Come dressed for variable weather. You are encouraged to bring/wear sun protection and layers. The temperature at Merck Forest is often cooler than down in the valleys. We are happy to run wagon rides through light rains, but in the event of thunderstorms or heavy rain, we will have to cancel your ride. If conditions warrent cancellation of your sleigh ride, your fee will be refunded in full.

If you need to cancel your wagon ride, please let us know in advance (at least 24 hours, If possible). We will happily reschedule your wagonette ride with advance notice.

Sleigh Rides at Merck Forest

Merck Forest Sleigh Rides

When the weather turns cold and snow is on the ground, it's the perfect season for a sleigh ride at Merck Forest.

Sweetheart Sleigh
The Sweetheart Sleigh seats two adults, and costs $150.00 for a forty-five minute tour. This sleigh travels through the forest and around the farm. On a clear day, you'll take in wonderful views of the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

Please call 802-394-7836 to reserve your sleigh.

Our staff needs at least 24 hours advance notice to prepare the horses & sleigh, and to groom trails.

Sleighs generally run from the end of December through the end of March.

Come dressed for the cold (think layers, hat, gloves, snow boots, snow coat). The temperature at Merck Forest is often chillier than down in the valleys. Wool blankets are provided for extra warmth, and hot drinks and a cozy fire are available in the Visitor Center at the end of the ride.

Please note, Merck Forest reserves the right to cancel a sleigh ride ride due to inclement weather or lack of snow. We will notify guests at least an hour prior to reserved time, and earlier when possible. We strongly encourage guests to call ahead, just to double check that the sleigh will run.

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