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Camping at Merck ForestCabins are enclosed, contain a table, woodstove & wooden bunks. Ned's, Nenorod and Dunc's also have sleeping lofts. Wood you collect may be burned in outdoor fire pits. Each cabin has an outhouse located nearby. Distance to the cabin is measured from the Visitor's Center parking area. Some cabins also have space for tents.

Members receive a 20% discount off cabin rentals.
Wood is an extra $15, not subject to the discount.

There is a 2-night minimum on weekends

Please see Cabin & Shelter Guidelines for more information.

Spruce Cabin Spruce Cabin
Located at the edge of a Red Spruce stand with a panoramic view across an upland meadow, Spruce sleeps 6 and is 1 mile from the Visitor's Center. There is space for one tent nearby.
Ridge Cabin Ridge Cabin
A cozy cabin located on a remote wooded ridge with great views. Sleeps 6 and is 2 miles from the Visitor's Center.
View Point Cabin View Point Cabin
Our smallest cabin, View Point sleeps only 2. It sits at the top of a hill in a woodland meadow with lovely views to the west. View Point is 1½ miles from the Visitor's Center with space for four tents nearby.
Neds Cabin Ned's Place
Tucked in the woods at the edge of a field with outstanding views of Bear Mountain and Mt. Equinox. Great for star gazing, Ned's sleeps 10, is 2¼ miles from the Visitor's Center and has space for two tents nearby.
Nenorod Cabin Nenorod Cabin
Located on a remote rocky ridge deep in the forest, Nenorod has a beautiful porch for relaxing with great winter views. Nenorod sleeps 6 and is 2.25 miles from the Visitor's Center. Read a review.
Duncs Cabin Dunc's Place
Located in a secluded valley on Old Town Road, alongside the White Creek. This cabin is a retired sugarhouse. Dunc's sleeps 15 and is 1.9 miles from the Visitor's Center. There is space for two tents nearby.
Barn Cabin Barn Cabins
The Barn Cabins are near a stand of Balsam Fir, beside a hay meadow, overlooking the farm. The upper cabin sleeps 6 and the lower cabin sleeps 5. Rent one or both. The cabins are ½ mile from the Visitor's Center.


CABINS May 1 - Sept 30 Oct 1 - April 30
Spruce $50 $65
Ridge $50 $65
View Point $50 $65
Nenorod $65 $80
Ned's Place $75 $90
Dunc's Place $75 $90
Barn Cabin 1 $50 $65
Barn Cabin 2 $70 $85

Merck Forest & Farmland Center is a member of the Vermont Campground Association.

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